Our vocation

  1. SELSILAT AKAKUS CO. For oil services has established in February 2015 to fulfill wide range of needs in oil and gas industry in Libya.

The enclosed outlines our services that we can provide to your

  1. Executing all types of infrastructure and civil works in the
    remote sites of the oil wells.….
  2. Providing oil operators with loading &unloading machinery
    infield different capacities with qualified operators.
  3. Providing oil operators with earth moving heavy machinery
    such bulldozers, front loaders &graders in different capacities with
    qualified operators
  4. Providing manpower services such as assigning qualified
    personnel (welders, riggers, pipe makers, electricians, foremen,
    safety controllers, instructors (trainers…), provide highly skilled,
    skilled & semi-skilled human resources.
  5. Heavy transportation including moving oil rigs, seismic camps,
    tubular to anywhere in country
  6. Constructing airstrips for oil fields.
  7. Topography surveying.
  8. Supplying oil field with fuel and hydrocarbons.
  9. Drilling water wells and provides operating services such
    changing ESP, providing electrical generators, etc…
  10.  Catering services for oil field, providing of food stuffs,
    kitchens and workers.
  11. Equipping field sites with ready –made and mobile houses and
    the like.
  12. Constructing water reservoirs by any sizes.
  13. Reinforce concrete foundations for pipelines.
  14. Providing oil operations with basic materials necessary for
  15. Yard establishment.
Please except us as one of the services providers to participate in any tender at mentioned services for ongoing &upcoming Production and exploration Programs.