Company Policies

  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

SELSILAT AKAKUS Company commitment to follow and practice all HSSE rules & regulations in conduct of all business activities.
It is the foremost priority of the company to comply with all HSSE requirements of our customers as well as local authorities.
Ensure that all the drivers and vehicles are fit and well equipped.

Conduct tool box meeting with drivers & provide trainings.
Prevent harm from its activities to employees and others Comply and cooperate fully with all laws and statutes of the public authorities relating to safety regulations and standards Encourage those who contribute to improve HSSE performance.

Ensure drivers report near misses, potential incident and accident.

  • Alcohol and Drug Policy.

The Company desires all its employees free from the dependency of alcohol and drugs. It is the responsibility of every person to keep themselves away from addict able substances for the benefit of their own health and their families POLICY

  1.  All employees and drivers when driving company vehicles at any time should be totally free from the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  2.  All employees during working should be totally free from the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  3.  Any employee who is found under the influence of alcohol during work will be suspended from the service immediately and employee will be terminated.
  4. HSSE Manager give details about drug abuses during tool box meeting.
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment plays an important role in reducing the effects of an incident on people involved in it. SELSILAT AKAKUS Company committed to provide P.P.E to all employees whenever there is an exposure to potential hazards.
PPE is required in our business:

  1. Head Protection
    This shall be provided when there is a danger from impact or penetration from falling and flying objects. Helmets will be provided for this purpose.
  2. Foot / Instep Protection
    When there is a potential for foot injury, protection will be provided. The footwear (Safety Shoes) shall be provided meeting the HSSE standards.
  3.  Eye Protection
    This shall be provided whenever there is a potential of injury to eyes. Mandatory use of safety goggles shall be implemented.
  4.  Hand Protection
    When there is a potential of handling corrosive, hydrocarbon or toxic to touch material, this protection is necessary Cotton, leather, rubber gloves are most common hand protection items which shall be implemented.
  • Road Safety Management Policy

It is the top priority of the company to ensure compliance of SASCO policy by the employees.

  1. Checking of all vehicles to ensure that vehicles are fit for transportation business and all vehicles are equipped with proper emergency accessories (fire extinguisher, first aid box, TREM Card etc.) and these are in serviceable conditions.
  2. Ensure that all drivers go through road courses. Obey all traffic rules.
  3. Drivers shall be trained to comply with company emergency response plan.
  4. Comply to use safety seat belt during driving and keep safe distance from front vehicle and high alert driving during raining or wet roads.
  • Operation Policy

Operation is main activity of company. Safe and efficient operation is necessary to improve company performance SELSILAT AKAKUS Company is committed to safe and efficient operation.

  1. Ensure Drivers appoint for vehicle are medically and mentally fit for driving.
  2. Before loading to check the fitness of vehicle by drivers and supervisors
  3. Ensure the drivers have necessary information about the journey total time, duty hours, routes, rest areas and potential hazards of journey
  4. To check the drivers activities by tracking, spot checking and trip log.
  5.  If vehicle has defect of maintenance or safety and cannot continue safe operation then refuse the load
  • Smoking Policy

According to medical evidence smoking is injurious to health. Ministry of Health, Government of Libya has also declared that smoking is injurious to health. We have therefore decided to introduce No-Smoking policies in the place of work as there is a growing expectation among employees that they should be able to work in an atmosphere that is clean and smoke free. Furthermore, it is realized that the Company should be more proactive in encouraging NO-Smoking Zone at the work places. Besides, smoking is also a Safety (fire) hazard. To achieve these objectives, all staff and visitors are asked to cooperate in making all public areas of the Company’s premises smoke-free.

  • Seat Belt Policy

All company-owned vehicles should be fitted with front and rear seat belts. All drivers and passengers traveling by vehicles on Company business or otherwise, including those occupying rear seats, should wear seat belts where provided. All drivers whilst driving on company business or otherwise should ensure their passengers use seat belts

  • Mobile Phone Policy

SELSILAT AKAKUS Company is committed to the goal of no harm
to people.
Mobile phones have become an essential business tool for most staff; however the use of a mobile phone, or other communication equipment, while driving presents a significant safety hazard. Therefore, as a minimum within our business, the use of Mobile phones in motor vehicles is as follows:

For safety purpose, the use of a hands-held mobile phone while driving is forbidden and should be treated as a case of serious misconduct. If there is no hands free facility available, the phone must be switched off while driving and a messaging service should be used to take incoming calls. When the vehicle is equipped with a hands-free kit, the phone should only be used to receive calls and conversations kept. To an absolute minimum while driving. If there is a need for a longer discussion, the driver should explain his situation and offer to call the caller back when a safe place to park is available. It is not safe to stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway. Outgoing calls should not be made while driving and dialing must not take place whilst the vehicle is in motion.

  • Standard Maintenance Policy

“Our goal is standard, non- general maintenance”

The maintenance of vehicles is the shared responsibility of the driver, maintenance staff and organization.

Routine maintenance

Drivers shall routinely check their assigned vehicles to ensure proper oil level, water and antifreeze for radiators, water for battery, wear on belts, and proper inflation of tires. This service should be performed at least weekly.

Vehicle cleaning & Housekeeping

It is the responsibility of driver to keep the vehicle clean and cabin in tidy condition. Vehicles should be washed as and when required. No loose objects are allowed in the cabin.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance on vehicles is to be performed at scheduled intervals. If maintenance is not performed within plus or minus 500 km of the schedule, the concerned staff should be asked for written explanation of this noncompliance.

Repairs and maintenance

All maintenance and repairs must have prior authorization by maintenance manager or any person designated, with the complete details of the maintenance on the repair order.

Regular safety/ roadworthiness inspections

All vehicles must be inspected regularly for safety and
roadworthiness as well as any inspections required by law. It is
the responsibility of the maintenance department to ensure that
all vehicles are inspected regularly. Non compliances should be
reported to senior management with in three days of such

Accident reporting

All accidents, regardless of extent of damage, must be reported. Information which should be obtained from the other driver involved in the accident is: name, address, telephone number, license plate number. An accident reporting form must be completed and forwarded immediately to concerned authorities.

Installation of special equipment

Special equipment will be installed on the vehicles by following guidelines:

  1. Written approval prior to installation must be obtained by concerned department in the client company.
  2. Radar detectors are not allowed in the vehicles.
  3. Special equipment installed must not raise doubts on quantity and integrity of product being transported
  • Driver Recruitment Policy

All Drivers shall be recruited on the basis of merit with minimum eligibility standards. No preference shall be given on the basis of cast, creed, color, race and language.

The recruitment system encompasses mandatory criteria for all applicants, which must be followed in letter and spirit for recruitment of a driver in the organization.

Non Smokers shall be preferred.

No attitude towards drugs.

No physical deformity & capable of controlling the vehicle (reaching and operating the controls).

Someone with the ability to perceive hazards & able to react