Health Safety and Security

SELSILAT AKAKUS Company committed to follow and proactive all HSSE rules & regulations in conduct of all business activities.

It is the foremost priority of the company to comply with all HSSE requirements of our customers as well as local authorities.

Ensure that all the drivers and vehicles are fit and well equipped.

Conduct tool box meeting with drivers & provide trainings. Inform and Prevent harm from its activities to employees and others.

Comply and cooperate fully with all laws of the public authorities relating to safety regulations and standards.

Encourage those who contribute to improve HSSE performance. Ensure drivers report near misses, potential incident and accident. Regular HSSE meeting are conducted among the staff for resolving the HSSE  issues.

Regular Road Spot Checks for vehicle and driver fitness and compliance of policies.

In managing the conflicting demands of a business, slips are made in the decision making process.

This initiates the subsequent chain of events that culminate in the incident.

To manage safety at work effectively, a concerted team effort by both management and the work force is essential.

Unless the feedback from the ground reaches the top and the message on the desired direction from the top penetrates into the ground, the efforts will probably be akin to ships passing in the night.

The culture of cooperation and teamwork is crucial to success. Even then, the possibility for an accident free performance is over a relatively short time span.

As the duration for excellent performance lengthens, it becomes progressively more difficult as bad habits; arrogance and complacency take its toll.

Here management’s commitment and believe in safe working will be continuously tested and must remain resolute and transparent on the need.