The organization meets all legislative requirements with respect to staff qualifications / accreditation.

We have all the necessary licenses to operate the Transport Business. SELSILAT AKAKUS has sufficient and trained staff to manage the operation. There are legal employment contract in place with employees and is it working in practice employee being paid in full and on time, covers required benefits, signed, employee has a copy of this contract. Authority levels clearly defined in the organization.

Organization chart.

Truck & Equipment list

Company Policies & Infrastructure.

We are committed to providing friendly and helpful customer service !

We are committed to providing friendly and helpful customer service as well as the safe and reliable haulage services for petroleum products to our customers Promoting a customer service leadership and culture constantly seeking to add value to our customers. managing our customers’ expectations to maximize satisfaction working cooperatively with other business areas for the benefit of our customers always meeting customer expectations and made to customers providing good customer service in a safe and cost effective manner continually monitoring our service and recommending improvements providing employees with the extra skills and information they need to deliver good customer service recognizing and rewarding employees for exceptional customer service. On-time delivery performance regularly monitored. On-time delivery on target. Taking appropriate corrective action taken to prevent recurrence of delivery issues, on-time delivery performance shared with all staff involved in the delivery process The quality of the site issue reported of satisfactory standard and submitted on a timely basic